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Saturday, May 21, 2022



Chiropractic Benefits for Children

By Craig Drucker, D.C.

Over the years many researchers, parents and chiropractors have noticed positive changes in the physical, behavioral and emotional health of children that have been under chiropractic care. I have treated many children over the 20 years that I have been in practice that have had allergies, anxiety, low mental stamina, lack of concentration, asthma and headaches.

From the first steps of childhood that eventually evolve into jumping and running, with falls, accidents and injuries that are all a part of normal childhood.  Most of these incidents are minor, however some of the times they can cause spinal and nerve damaging vertebral subluxations that can result in long time consequences.  So it is extremely important that all children need periodic chiropractic spinal checkups.

It is essential to get his/her spine checked for vertebral subluxations if your child is suffering from any of the following conditions:  Poor posture, Constipation, Sore throat, Numbness, Bronchitis, Arthritis, Croup, Colic, Allergies, Irritability, Backaches, Neck and low back pain, Headaches, Bed-wetting, Nervousness, Weakness or fatigue, Poor concentration, Vision problems, Loss of hearing, Skin disorders, Ear infections, Painful joints, Eye problems, Stomaches, Skin conditions, Sinus problems, Poor coordination, Hip, leg or foot pain, Asthma and wheezing, and Arm hand or shoulder pain.  Children need healthy spines being free of blockages to the flow of energy and information over his/her nervous system.  This can make a big difference in your child's physical and emotional health!!

More and more families are finding that periodic chiropractic spinal checkups for their children make a big difference in their health.  So you must include Chiropractic checkups as part of your family's healthcare routine.

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